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SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
INFYInfosys Ltd16.06000022969932673651269737315.52213.1827101.611.97
AOIAlliance One International Inc12.75000090012551147660010.554220.99-141.95
ENIAEnel Americas SA10.15000011490528301146806432641.86141.86781566.95-906.17
UISUnisys Corp8.3000005047330141892839811.86-0.87
XINXinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd5.680000649830223691035677.61040.446612.41-26.20
CYHCommunity Health Systems Inc4.2500001147270014875897540.64195.14-116.37
IIntelsat SA3.4700001190000004129300000.71754.88-114.59
MNManning & Napier Inc3.45000015040347518891976.85190.34336.875.40
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLC3.410000918216003131116551.24900.25279.21-27.82
KODKEastman Kodak Co3.350000425713601426140566.31788.03-1.60
HOSHornbeck Offshore Services Inc2.980000370504161104102390.10103.05-24.32
WMLPWestmoreland Resource Partners LP2.4800001284840318640317.39-234.02
OSGOverseas Shipholding Group Inc2.3900007504316617935316611.59090.72402.66-3.89
RUBIThe Rubicon Project Inc1.74000049791391866370200.71312.001.60
LEJULeju Holdings Ltd1.5100001357639622050035820.78371.54
CGAChina Green Agriculture Inc1.22000038551265470325431.83820.12713.473.09
GSLGlobal Ship Lease Inc1.17000054981565643284310.19421.19-5.99
XCOEXCO Resources Inc0.62000021630873134111410.19073.81-58.85
SDRLSeadrill Ltd0.2657005044442801388292200.01492.67-15.82
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
LEXEBLiberty Expedia Holdings Inc45.0200005725252425747875121.39441.121758.51-27.09
LEXEALiberty Expedia Holdings Inc44.9700005725252425747875121.38931.117758.51-27.09
LTRPALiberty TripAdvisor Holdings Inc9.6500007505640572999272454.60001.296910.300.40
DCIXDiana Containerships Inc5.44000075719341191290.000210.80-26.46
EXXIEnergy XXI Gulf Coast Inc5.040000332214271674359920.86235.222.99
EXXIEnergy XXI Gulf Coast Inc5.040000332214271674359920.86235.222.99
KONEKingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd3.9800001405000559190015.05000.23064.0010.61
KBSFKBS Fashion Group Ltd3.910000177201669285820.055113.4912.01
TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp3.5000007830040274051400.93943.740.23
FWPForward Pharma A/S3.440000471839991623129560.44880.893428.750.96
NVLNNovelion Therapeutics Inc3.41000018652368636045741.50113.78-9.61
VLRXValeritas Holdings Inc3.2700007015636229411291.19794.86-0.13
ABACRenmin Tianli Group Inc3.09990079837452474881126.25820.21477.567.30
PDLIPDL BioPharma Inc3.0300001543387934676465427.52270.62293.301.75
GIGMGigaMedia Ltd2.94000011052235324935700.54735.775.77
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp Ltd2.931300138196694050959514.04760.29993.540.44
OPHTOphthotech Corp2.890000360386831041517931.81012.34295.005.84
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corp2.76000083101982293614656.50000.04545.81-0.21
EVKEver-Glory International Group Inc2.30000014795992340307814.80770.44352.76-0.28
VSARVersartis Inc1.95000035809311698281567.31193.323.17
AMCNAirMedia Group Inc1.790000628148891124386520.62881.871.38
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc1.71000011904521203567301.71462.190.97
MLNKModusLink Global Solutions Inc1.49000055557326827804151.31371.990.92
ICONIconix Brand Group Inc1.48000057078142844756500.75831.91-14.95
GUREGulf Resources Inc1.44000046803791673974592.15850.21764.134.08
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
MNIThe McClatchy Co9.24000076851357101064610.94-90.65
LEUCentrus Energy Corp4.20000090387513796275315.04-2.39
NSPRInspireMD Inc0.137000746588910228260.07370.43610.640.64
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
MNTRoyal Canadian Mint17.150000400023651.7511260.75
MNSRoyal Canadian Mint12.250000400023651.7511260.75
TRZTransat A.T. Inc10.500000370148353886557670.806020.6913.92
GMPGMP Capital Inc2.800000754710002113188001.07416.595.74
CXRConcordia International Corp0.98000051282901502572426.66-63.36
CTXCrescita Therapeutics Inc0.5700001400300079817100.43710.630.32
TLBTearLab Corp0.500000574245328656771.34-3.51
NPSNorthern Power Systems Corp0.1750002379388441639290.240.16
LRT.UNLanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust0.015000205573203083590.06-11.90
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
AM.HAutomodular Corp2.35000012976227304941330.93552.512.13
LSCLSC Lithium Corp1.4300006153858800000.012035.46
LSCLSC Lithium Corp1.4300006153858800000.012035.46
SASouthern Arc Minerals Inc0.67000014725616100329929.00000.63870.801.52
BCO.HBritish Controlled Oilfields Ltd0.65000040685630.85
CXA.HConsolidated HCI Holdings Corp0.50000020575866102879338.21430.98400.580.58
GMNGobiMin Inc0.43000050005482215023573.24990.24130.480.46
CZQ.HContinental Precious Minerals Inc0.380000117068964448620143.77680.63070.49
CLHCoral Gold Resources Ltd0.34000047088337160100344.31250.96350.400.03
NIRNoble Iron Inc0.3000002741747982252431.00280.430.42
ACE.HACE Aviation Holdings Inc0.1800003247500058455000.352.19
PPPParlane Resource Corp0.1600001493626523898029.97220.88590.170.03
WAS.HWatusi Capital Corp0.12000040000004800000.98460.12
RRR.UNR&R Real Estate Investment Trust0.1100003180479534985270.68420.230.07
BOEGrowMax Resources Corp0.110000213925645235318200.28710.180.26
FPFP Newspapers Inc0.10000069025926902590.13520.11-15.71
FBR.HFibre-Crown Manufacturing Inc0.09500071077646752373.00000.69490.120.15
CBVCobra Venture Corp0.0950001590374815108560.44290.15-0.01
LEQ.HLeo Acquisitions Corp0.08500029213572483151.12370.11
BATBatero Gold Corp0.08500011518238397905020.45830.10
EUOEurocontrol Technics Group Inc0.0700009175023864225160.48310.100.02
NOL.HKnol Resources Corp0.0550005569647030633050.96410.071.43
PPV.HP&P Ventures Inc0.05000049399972469990.57820.08-0.05
MVMMillenMin Ventures Inc0.050000421000000.06
AVTAlloycorp Mining Inc0.045000740091710.06-2.12
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
WRINYSWeingarten Realty Investors2017-12-141010004.00003.0000Outperform
CAGNYSConagra Brands Inc2017-12-142030003.80003.4000Outperform
CHDNYSChurch & Dwight Co Inc2017-12-142021103.16672.8000Hold
DPSNYSDr Pepper Snapple Group Inc2017-12-141060003.28573.0000Hold
TAP.ANYSMolson Coors Brewing Co2017-12-142120004.00003.7500Outperform
TAPNYSMolson Coors Brewing Co2017-12-142120004.00003.7500Outperform
NKENYSNike Inc2017-12-146140004.18184.0000Outperform
KONYSCoca-Cola Co2017-12-144050003.88893.7500Outperform
STZ.BNYSConstellation Brands Inc2017-12-145021004.12504.0000Outperform
STZNYSConstellation Brands Inc2017-12-145021004.12504.0000Outperform
PGNYSProcter & Gamble Co2017-12-144120004.28574.1667Outperform
CCENYSCoca-Cola European Partners PLC2017-12-145010004.66674.6000Buy
PEPNYSPepsiCo Inc2017-12-147110004.66674.6250Buy
CLNYSColgate-Palmolive Co2017-12-140150102.85712.8333Hold
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
FINLNASFinish Line Inc2017-12-140030102.50002.0000Underperform
ESRXNASExpress Scripts Holding Co2017-12-142050003.57143.2857Outperform
GILDNASGilead Sciences Inc2017-12-144130004.12503.8750Outperform
LULUNASLululemon Athletica Inc2017-12-145031004.00003.7778Outperform
SSRMNASSSR Mining Inc2017-12-145310004.44444.3750Outperform
No Data
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
KBLTSEK-Bro Linen Inc2017-12-144110004.50004.0000Outperform
MEQTSEMainstreet Equity Corp2017-12-142020004.00003.6667Outperform
HSETSEHusky Energy Inc2017-12-140280103.00002.8182Hold
SRU.UNTSESmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-144130004.12504.0000Outperform
EIFTSEExchange Income Corp2017-12-143200004.60004.5000Buy
AFNTSEAg Growth International Inc2017-12-144300004.57144.5000Buy
SSRMTSESSR Mining Inc2017-12-145310004.44444.3750Outperform
RRXTSERaging River Exploration Inc2017-12-146520004.30774.2500Outperform
TOTTSETotal Energy Services Inc2017-12-142140003.71433.6667Outperform
No Data
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
SSDNYSSimpson Manufacturing Co Inc2017-12-140010003.00005.0000Hold
IRMNYSIron Mountain Inc2017-12-140010102.00003.0000Underperform
ANDXNYSAndeavor Logistics LP2017-12-142001004.00004.6667Outperform
BRXNYSBrixmor Property Group Inc2017-12-142030003.80004.2000Outperform
SCGNYSSCANA Corp2017-12-140110102.66673.0000Hold
NWLNYSNewell Brands Inc2017-12-143020004.20004.5000Outperform
GPSNYSGap Inc2017-12-140060102.71433.0000Hold
BXENYSBellatrix Exploration Ltd2017-12-140070202.55562.7778Hold
MNYSMacy's Inc2017-12-140070003.00003.1429Hold
ELNYSThe Estee Lauder Companies Inc2017-12-144050003.88894.0000Outperform
HPENYSHewlett Packard Enterprise Co2017-12-145050004.00004.1000Outperform
CPGNYSCrescent Point Energy Corp2017-12-145260003.92314.0000Outperform
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
BUFFNASBlue Buffalo Pet Products Inc2017-12-142030003.80004.2000Outperform
ACETNASAceto Corp2017-12-141010004.00004.3333Outperform
MNSTNASMonster Beverage Corp2017-12-144011004.16674.4000Outperform
No Data
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
EMP.ATSEEmpire Co Ltd2017-12-142140003.71434.0000Outperform
CKETSEChinook Energy Inc2017-12-142220103.57143.8571Outperform
SMU.UNTSESummit Industrial Income REIT2017-12-141120003.75004.0000Outperform
BXETSEBellatrix Exploration Ltd2017-12-140070202.55562.7778Hold
PRQTSEPetrus Resources Ltd2017-12-142210004.20004.4000Outperform
GPSTSEBSM Technologies Inc2017-12-142400004.33334.5000Outperform
KMP.UNTSEKillam Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-145130004.22224.3333Outperform
ARXTSEARC Resources Ltd2017-12-145420004.27274.3636Outperform
CPGTSECrescent Point Energy Corp2017-12-145260003.92314.0000Outperform
CRTSECrew Energy Inc2017-12-146440004.14294.2143Outperform
OSKTSEOsisko Mining Inc2017-12-143510004.22224.2500Outperform
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
PGMTSXPure Gold Mining Inc2017-12-141200004.33334.5000Outperform
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
CAINYSCAI International Inc245.7900812017-12-15YTD
TGHNYSTextainer Group Holdings Ltd199.3288592017-12-15YTD
SBNYSSafe Bulkers Inc178.2608702017-12-15YTD
SQNYSSquare Inc171.6801172017-12-15YTD
GDOTNYSGreen Dot Corp156.3057322017-12-15YTD
TALNYSTAL Education Group154.2266722017-12-15YTD
KLNYSKirkland Lake Gold Ltd152.0986222017-12-15YTD Inc147.3214292017-12-15YTD
SHOPNYSShopify Inc145.4397012017-12-15YTD
DQNYSDaqo New Energy Corp144.4041452017-12-15YTD
ATHMNYSAutohome Inc142.2072782017-12-15YTD
ANETNYSArista Networks Inc138.7413452017-12-15YTD
RNGNYSRingCentral Inc137.6213592017-12-15YTD
FENGNYSPhoenix New Media Ltd127.0700642017-12-15YTD
WNYSWayfair Inc126.1340942017-12-15YTD
SUPVNYSGrupo Supervielle SA118.3241482017-12-15YTD
CCNYSThe Chemours Co118.0172022017-12-15YTD
TDOCNYSTeladoc Inc117.8787882017-12-15YTD
EDUNYSNew Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc113.6579572017-12-15YTD
ATVNYSAcorn International Inc112.8750002017-12-15YTD
CHGGNYSChegg Inc112.6016262017-12-15YTD
NEWRNYSNew Relic Inc111.2566372017-12-15YTD Inc110.0350062017-12-15YTD
YRDNYSYirendai Ltd106.9980692017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
RMBLNASRumbleON Inc2002.0408162017-12-15YTD
MRNSNASMarinus Pharmaceuticals Inc681.1881192017-12-15YTD
HLGNASHailiang Education Group Inc518.7755102017-12-15YTD
MDGLNASMadrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc453.4899332017-12-15YTD
AVEONASAVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc444.4444442017-12-15YTD
BLPHNASBellerophon Therapeutics Inc403.6524412017-12-15YTD
LPTXNASLeap Therapeutics Inc389.3740062017-12-15YTD
CBAYNASCymaBay Therapeutics Inc380.9248552017-12-15YTD
ESPRNASEsperion Therapeutics Inc366.2939302017-12-15YTD
PIRSNASPieris Pharmaceuticals Inc323.4272702017-12-15YTD
XNETNASXunlei Ltd308.5492232017-12-15YTD
OPNTNASOpiant Pharmaceuticals Inc301.9607842017-12-15YTD
CPRXNASCatalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc288.5714292017-12-15YTD
MTBCNASMedical Transcription Billing Corp286.2068972017-12-15YTD
PLSENASPulse Biosciences Inc281.2307692017-12-15YTD
MRTXNASMirati Therapeutics Inc274.7368422017-12-15YTD
ASMBNASAssembly Biosciences Inc265.3497942017-12-15YTD
IOTSNASAdesto Technologies Corp259.4594592017-12-15YTD
TREENASLendingTree Inc239.7631972017-12-15YTD
VKTXNASViking Therapeutics Inc232.7731092017-12-15YTD
FMINASFoundation Medicine Inc230.2259892017-12-15YTD
PBYINASPuma Biotechnology Inc219.8697072017-12-15YTD
SAGENASSage Therapeutics Inc217.9005092017-12-15YTD
ZGNXNASZogenix Inc210.6995882017-12-15YTD
QURENASuniQure NV210.1785712017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
STRPASEStraight Path Communications Inc434.6505462017-12-15YTD
XXIIASE22nd Century Group Inc143.1192662017-12-15YTD
AMPEASEAmpio Pharmaceuticals Inc142.1684072017-12-15YTD
AINCASEAshford Inc127.1726282017-12-15YTD
ZOMHFASEZomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp118.1712402017-12-15YTD
TMQASETrilogy Metals Inc75.1331102017-12-15YTD
HUSAASEHouston American Energy Corp71.3483152017-12-15YTD
UECASEUranium Energy Corp64.2857142017-12-15YTD
NXEASENexGen Energy Ltd56.3044742017-12-15YTD
CVRSASECorindus Vascular Robotics Inc56.0710192017-12-15YTD
LLEXASELilis Energy Inc50.3225812017-12-15YTD
ELMDASEElectromed Inc48.1958762017-12-15YTD
MHHASEMastech Digital Inc44.1997062017-12-15YTD
BKJASEBancorp of New Jersey Inc41.9444542017-12-15YTD
AAMCASEAltisource Asset Management Corp41.5887852017-12-15YTD
PARRASEPar Pacific Holdings Inc36.3136182017-12-15YTD
RNNASERexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc35.3065542017-12-15YTD
URGASEUr-Energy Inc35.0216532017-12-15YTD
GLOASEClough Global Opportunities Fund32.1620112017-12-15YTD
GMOASEGeneral Moly Inc28.8284692017-12-15YTD
CQHASECheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings LLC23.4689322017-12-15YTD
RLGTASERadiant Logistics Inc20.0000002017-12-15YTD
BTGASEB2Gold Corp18.9873422017-12-15YTD
SANDASESandstorm Gold Ltd17.4358972017-12-15YTD
UUUUASEEnergy Fuels Inc13.4146342017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
GLGTSEGlg Life Tech Corp482.9787232017-12-15YTD
VFFTSEVillage Farms International Inc363.7037042017-12-15YTD
FRXTSEFennec Pharmaceuticals Inc350.1915712017-12-15YTD
MOGOTSEMogo Finance Technology Inc278.1250002017-12-15YTD
NPKTSEVerde AgriTech PLC225.4901962017-12-15YTD
BKITSEBlack Iron Inc214.2857142017-12-15YTD
IMVTSEImmunovaccine Inc210.2941182017-12-15YTD
ACBTSEAurora Cannabis Inc206.5217392017-12-15YTD
APHTSEAphria Inc185.3174602017-12-15YTD
ONCTSEOncolytics Biotech Inc183.0188682017-12-15YTD
KORTSECorvus Gold Inc180.0000002017-12-15YTD
BLDPTSEBallard Power Systems Inc171.6216222017-12-15YTD
LACTSELithium Americas Corp168.2500002017-12-15YTD
CIATSEChampion Iron Ltd168.0851062017-12-15YTD
CETTSECathedral Energy Services Ltd167.1641792017-12-15YTD
KERTSEKerr Mines Inc156.5217392017-12-15YTD
HYGTSEHydrogenics Corp147.8260872017-12-15YTD
ASPTSEAcerus Pharmaceuticals Corp137.0370372017-12-15YTD
SHOPTSEShopify Inc134.3154252017-12-15YTD
PNC.BTSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp133.3333332017-12-15YTD
TKOTSETaseko Mines Ltd130.1724142017-12-15YTD
PNC.ATSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp128.3018872017-12-15YTD
PBLTSEPollard Banknote Ltd114.6012272017-12-15YTD
WEEDTSECanopy Growth Corp113.5667402017-12-15YTD
FOODTSEGoodfood Market Corp111.5000212017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
GRATSXNanoXplore Inc5185.7142862017-12-15YTD
HIVETSXHIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd3157.1428572017-12-15YTD
HVSTTSXHarvest One Cannabis Inc2536.8715082017-12-15YTD
FTECTSXFintech Select Ltd2325.0000002017-12-15YTD
IOMTSXAssure Holdings Corp1827.7777782017-12-15YTD
BLOCTSXGlobal Blockchain Technologies Corp1722.2222222017-12-15YTD
ITRTSXIntegra Resources Corp1500.0000002017-12-15YTD
QMCTSXQMC Quantum Minerals Corp1466.6666672017-12-15YTD
LGTSXLGC Capital Ltd1433.3333332017-12-15YTD
RCC.HTSXRed Rock Capital Corp1400.0000002017-12-15YTD
SRGTSXSRG Graphite Inc1391.6666672017-12-15YTD
NINETSXDelta 9 Cannabis Inc1380.0000002017-12-15YTD
RVGTSXRevival Gold Inc1360.0000002017-12-15YTD
IEX.HTSXIcon Exploration Inc1333.3333332017-12-15YTD
SC.HTSXSerrano Resources Ltd1300.0000002017-12-15YTD
KRSTSXKairos Capital Corp1276.4705882017-12-15YTD
NFK.HTSXAfrica Hydrocarbons Inc1210.0000002017-12-15YTD
MCKTSXManson Creek Resources Ltd1050.0000002017-12-15YTD
LTVTSXLeoNovus Inc1012.5000002017-12-15YTD
BTLTSXBTL Group Ltd983.3333332017-12-15YTD
ETV.HTSXEvermount Ventures Inc900.0000002017-12-15YTD
RSLTSXRoyal Sapphire Corp845.4545452017-12-15YTD
BN.HTSXBluenose Gold Corp800.0000002017-12-15YTD
MTSTSXMetallis Resources Inc792.8571432017-12-15YTD
GIGATSXGiga Metals Corp728.5714292017-12-15YTD
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
BIOANYSBioAmber Inc-92.7272732017-12-15YTD
SDRLNYSSeadrill Ltd-92.2082112017-12-15YTD
VNCENYSVince Holding Corp-87.9503062017-12-15YTD
GENNYSGenesis Healthcare Inc-83.0682352017-12-15YTD
VSINYSVitamin Shoppe Inc-82.9473682017-12-15YTD
JONENYSJones Energy Inc-80.6438682017-12-15YTD
KODKNYSEastman Kodak Co-78.3870972017-12-15YTD
RUBINYSThe Rubicon Project Inc-76.5498652017-12-15YTD
BCEINYSBonanza Creek Energy Inc-73.7114662017-12-15YTD
EPENYSEP Energy Corp-73.4351152017-12-15YTD
BXENYSBellatrix Exploration Ltd-68.8559322017-12-15YTD
LEJUNYSLeju Holdings Ltd-68.5416672017-12-15YTD
DHXNYSDice Holdings Inc-68.0000002017-12-15YTD
BWNYSBabcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc-67.3899942017-12-15YTD
GRAMNYSGrana y Montero SAA-61.5384622017-12-15YTD
PNYSPandora Media Inc-60.1993872017-12-15YTD
VSTONYSVista Outdoor Inc-59.9729002017-12-15YTD
ANWNYSAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc-59.3103452017-12-15YTD
FMSANYSFairmount Santrol Holdings Inc-56.0644612017-12-15YTD
GNCNYSGNC Holdings Inc-55.8876812017-12-15YTD
WAIRNYSWesco Aircraft Holdings Inc-54.5150502017-12-15YTD
QEPNYSQEP Resources Inc-54.0467142017-12-15YTD
NAONYSNordic American Offshore Ltd-53.8181822017-12-15YTD
MNKNYSMallinckrodt PLC-53.1112002017-12-15YTD
AMCNYSAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc-52.7488862017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
DCIXNASDiana Containerships Inc-99.9683052017-12-15YTD
ORIGNASOcean Rig UDW Inc-99.8364372017-12-15YTD
CHFSNASCHF Solutions Inc-98.2714462017-12-15YTD
ARGSNASArgos Therapeutics Inc-96.8204082017-12-15YTD
AVGRNASAvinger Inc-93.7621622017-12-15YTD
MNGANASMagneGas Corp-93.4008812017-12-15YTD
GLBRNASGlobal Brokerage Inc-92.0567382017-12-15YTD
VLRXNASValeritas Holdings Inc-91.8250002017-12-15YTD
SNESNASSenesTech Inc-91.7435582017-12-15YTD
EPIXNASESSA Pharma Inc-90.3972602017-12-15YTD
AYTUNASAytu BioScience Inc-89.7916672017-12-15YTD
ROSGNASRosetta Genomics Ltd-89.4881372017-12-15YTD
RTTRNASRitter Pharmaceuticals Inc-88.8191882017-12-15YTD
NIHDNASNII Holdings Inc-88.3720932017-12-15YTD
TNDMNASTandem Diabetes Care Inc-88.0930232017-12-15YTD
TROVNASTrovaGene Inc-87.9714292017-12-15YTD
VSARNASVersartis Inc-86.9127522017-12-15YTD
ABILNASAbility Inc-84.9458482017-12-15YTD
MYSZNASMy Size Inc-84.8622022017-12-15YTD
AQMSNASAqua Metals Inc-84.8207482017-12-15YTD
EGLTNASEgalet Corp-84.0522882017-12-15YTD
GALENASGalena Biopharma Inc-83.7628872017-12-15YTD
BPTHNASBio-Path Holdings Inc-83.7037042017-12-15YTD
NOVNNASNovan Inc-83.4196892017-12-15YTD
OPGNNASOpGen Inc-83.0434782017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
NSPRASEInspireMD Inc-94.5200002017-12-15YTD
CEIASECamber Energy Inc-88.4677422017-12-15YTD
RHEASERegional Health Properties Inc-86.1369862017-12-15YTD
AKGASEAsanko Gold Inc-84.9640522017-12-15YTD
IMUCASEImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd-84.0000002017-12-15YTD
PLGASEPlatinum Group Metals Ltd-77.6223782017-12-15YTD
PFNXASEPfenex Inc-76.4057332017-12-15YTD
JRJRASEJRjr33 Inc-73.3431122017-12-15YTD
BPMXASEBioPharmX Corp-69.6524062017-12-15YTD
ALNASEAmerican Lorain Corp-64.8148152017-12-15YTD
REEDASEReed's Inc-64.4503762017-12-15YTD
TKATASETakung Art Co Ltd-63.3000002017-12-15YTD
CRMDASECormedix Inc-62.4444442017-12-15YTD
IBIOASEiBio Inc-61.0379752017-12-15YTD
CRHMASECRH Medical Corp-55.2380952017-12-15YTD
ASTASEAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc-54.3478262017-12-15YTD
KIQASEKelso Technologies Inc-52.0833332017-12-15YTD
CANFASECan Fite Biofarma Ltd-44.6428572017-12-15YTD
NOGASENorthern Oil & Gas Inc-44.0000002017-12-15YTD
UFABASEUnique Fabricating Inc-43.8356162017-12-15YTD
AUGASEAuryn Resources Inc-39.0308892017-12-15YTD
ESNCASEEnSync Inc-38.9228212017-12-15YTD
HLTHASENobilis Health Corp-35.7142862017-12-15YTD
VNRXASEVolitionRX Ltd-31.9474842017-12-15YTD
CPHIASEChina Pharma Holding Inc-31.3846152017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
BAATSEBanro Corp-94.0000002017-12-15YTD
PTSEPrimero Mining Corp-91.9811322017-12-15YTD
TLBTSETearLab Corp-91.8032792017-12-15YTD
DWTSEDataWind Inc-80.3278692017-12-15YTD
CQETSECequence Energy Ltd-77.4647892017-12-15YTD
LRT.UNTSELanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust-76.9230772017-12-15YTD
PMTSTSECPI Card Group Inc-76.7652592017-12-15YTD
PONYTSEPainted Pony Energy Ltd-74.7288502017-12-15YTD
IPCITSEIntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc-72.5593672017-12-15YTD
BXETSEBellatrix Exploration Ltd-70.7812502017-12-15YTD
TEITSEToscana Energy Income Corp-68.5000002017-12-15YTD
OXCTSEOryx Petroleum Corp Ltd-67.9245282017-12-15YTD
ARZTSEAralez Pharmaceuticals Inc-67.6818952017-12-15YTD
DRWITSEDragonWave Inc-67.3410402017-12-15YTD
NLNTSENeuLion Inc-66.9565222017-12-15YTD
WRGTSEWestern Energy Services Corp-66.1290322017-12-15YTD
CPITSECondor Petroleum Inc-65.9459462017-12-15YTD
CXRTSEConcordia International Corp-65.6140352017-12-15YTD
NALTSENewalta Corp-65.0862072017-12-15YTD
EFLTSEElectrovaya Inc-63.8497652017-12-15YTD
ELDTSEEldorado Gold Corp-61.8055562017-12-15YTD
BNPTSEBonavista Energy Corp-61.3305612017-12-15YTD
HETSEHanwei Energy Services Corp-60.0000002017-12-15YTD
RTSERed Eagle Mining Corp-60.0000002017-12-15YTD
EGLTSEEagle Energy Inc-58.9743592017-12-15YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
AVNTSXAvanti Energy Inc-94.0476192017-12-15YTD
FENTSXForent Energy Ltd-92.4242422017-12-15YTD
EPITSXESSA Pharma Inc-91.0169492017-12-15YTD
AXA.HTSXAxios Mobile Assets Corp-90.9090912017-12-15YTD
AKC.HTSXArkadia Capital Corp-89.1304352017-12-15YTD
HOILTSXHalio Energy Inc-87.5000002017-12-15YTD
WIF.HTSXWindfire Capital Corp-87.2413792017-12-15YTD
BERTSXBE Resources Inc-87.1794872017-12-15YTD
CENTSXClaren Energy Corp-86.0000002017-12-15YTD
TZRTSXTerrace Energy Corp-85.7142862017-12-15YTD
TCOTSXTransatlantic Mining Corp-85.0000002017-12-15YTD
DLSTSXDealNet Capital Corp-84.4827592017-12-15YTD
TMSTSXTargeted Microwave Solutions Inc-82.0895522017-12-15YTD
SNLTSXSouthern Lithium Corp-81.3043482017-12-15YTD
MEITSXManitok Energy Inc-81.0810812017-12-15YTD
CNA.HTSXCanAsia Financial Inc-80.0000002017-12-15YTD
BFFTSXNevada Energy Metals Inc-80.0000002017-12-15YTD
TLKTSXFrankly Inc-79.8126722017-12-15YTD
ITGTSXIntact Gold Corp-78.5714292017-12-15YTD
COTTSXCritical Outcome Technologies Inc-78.3157892017-12-15YTD
KDATSXKDA Group Inc-77.5000002017-12-15YTD
DXDTSX3D Signatures Inc-76.9230772017-12-15YTD
BXRTSXBlue River Resources Ltd-75.0000002017-12-15YTD
IOTSXInca One Gold Corp-75.0000002017-12-15YTD
MNYTSXMontan Mining Corp-75.0000002017-12-15YTD
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
BAPNYSCredicorp Ltd2017-12-142018196.740000756.0100USD1
GSpNNYSGoldman Sachs Group Inc2017-12-14201828.160000243.1429USD7
AGNNYSAllergan PLC2017-12-142018170.940000229.8000USD5
BIONYSBio-Rad Laboratories Inc2017-12-142018249.720000300.0000USD1
HLFNYSHerbalife Ltd2017-12-14201870.050000120.0000USD1
MTNNYSVail Resorts Inc2017-12-142018218.610000265.0000USD1
MSGNYSThe Madison Square Garden Co2017-12-142018209.870000256.0000USD1
BIO.BNYSBio-Rad Laboratories Inc2017-12-142018255.250000300.0000USD1
NVRNYSNVR Inc2017-12-1420183405.5400003450.0000USD1
SHOPNYSShopify Inc2017-12-142018103.230000146.7177CAD8
SPBNYSSpectrum Brands Holdings Inc2017-12-142018109.450000151.0000USD3
ROKNYSRockwell Automation Inc2017-12-142018189.450000230.0000USD1
NVRONYSNevro Corp2017-12-14201870.500000110.0000USD1
CMGNYSChipotle Mexican Grill Inc2017-12-142018314.020000352.8000USD5
COONYSThe Cooper Companies Inc2017-12-142018224.860000263.0000USD2
TDGNYSTransDigm Group Inc2017-12-142018274.480000312.2500USD4
TMONYSThermo Fisher Scientific Inc2017-12-142018188.320000226.0000USD1
AGUNYSAgrium Inc2017-12-142018111.660000148.3897CAD9
WHRNYSWhirlpool Corp2017-12-142018163.920000199.5000USD2
HHCNYSThe Howard Hughes Corp2017-12-142018127.340000162.5000USD2
FNVNYSFranco-Nevada Corp2017-12-14201876.980000111.9008CAD11
MHKNYSMohawk Industries Inc2017-12-142018273.560000308.3333USD3
GKOSNYSGlaukos Corp2017-12-14201825.90000060.0000USD1
QSRNYSRestaurant Brands International Inc2017-12-14201861.12000094.8634USD7
PBHNYSPrestige Brands Holdings Inc2017-12-14201945.66000079.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
CYTXNASCytori Therapeutics Inc2017-12-1420180.2310005813.9530USD1
PCLNNASThe Priceline Group Inc2017-12-1420181760.9200001968.7500USD4 Inc2017-12-1420181174.2600001312.8330USD12
GOOGNASAlphabet Inc2017-12-1420181049.1500001170.0000USD11
GOOGLNASAlphabet Inc2017-12-1420181057.4700001170.0000USD11
CHTRNASCharter Communications Inc2017-12-142018328.680000422.0000USD4
SHPGNASShire PLC2017-12-142018147.200000234.1154USD5
ICPTNASIntercept Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-14201861.610000136.4000USD5
REGNNASRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-142018383.120000454.0000USD6
TSRONASTesaro Inc2017-12-14201883.870000151.6000USD5 Inc2017-12-142018175.550000235.0000USD1
ALGNNASAlign Technology Inc2017-12-142018233.800000292.5000USD2
EQIXNASEquinix Inc2017-12-142018460.350000518.7500USD4
SINANASSINA Corp2017-12-14201899.560000157.0000USD1
AVGONASBroadcom Ltd2017-12-142018259.340000315.7778USD9
ADMSNASAdamas Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-14201832.08000085.0000USD1
ALBONASAlbireo Pharma Inc2017-12-14201823.46000075.0000USD2
COHRNASCoherent Inc2017-12-142018285.600000337.0000USD3
NVDANASNVIDIA Corp2017-12-142019186.470000233.0000USD7
LRCXNASLam Research Corp2017-12-142018182.100000228.6000USD5
RGLDNASRoyal Gold Inc2017-12-14201884.640000130.4416CAD2
ALXNNASAlexion Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-142018113.090000156.8000USD5
PRTANASProthena Corp PLC2017-12-14201836.59000078.0000USD7
ZBRANASZebra Technologies Corp2017-12-142018104.140000145.0000USD3
OSISNASOSI Systems Inc2017-12-14201865.190000106.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
RNNASERexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-1420181.94000016.2500USD2
MAGASEMAG Silver Corp2017-12-14201812.07000023.6471CAD8
GDPASEGoodrich Petroleum Corp2017-12-1420189.82000020.0000USD2
ASTASEAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc2017-12-1420182.20000012.0000USD1
MYOASEMyomo Inc2017-12-1420182.68000012.0000USD1
REIASERing Energy Inc2017-12-14201813.26000020.0000USD2
JOBASEGEE Group Inc2017-12-1420182.7500009.0000USD1
OCXASEOncoCyte Corp2017-12-1420185.75000012.0000USD1
VNRXASEVolitionRX Ltd2017-12-1420183.2300008.5000USD2
PTNASEPalatin Technologies Inc2017-12-1420180.8434006.0000USD1
ALOASEAlio Gold Inc2017-12-1420183.0800008.1000CAD11
USASASEAmericas Silver Corp2017-12-1420183.5500008.2750CAD2
NTNASENTN Buzztime Inc2017-12-1420183.8600008.4500USD1
MTNBASEMatinas BioPharma Holdings Inc2017-12-1420181.4800006.0000USD1
DLAASEDelta Apparel Inc2017-12-14201819.60000024.0000USD1
CQPASECheniere Energy Partners LP2017-12-14201828.62000033.0000USD2
NGASENovagold Resources Inc2017-12-1420183.6400008.0000CAD1
VISIASEVolt Information Sciences Inc2017-12-1420183.8000008.0000USD1
UUUUASEEnergy Fuels Inc2017-12-1420181.9800006.1458CAD1
MCFASEContango Oil & Gas Co2017-12-1420183.3700007.5000USD3
APHBASEAmpliphi Biosciences Corp2017-12-1420181.0300005.0000USD1
EPMASEEvolution Petroleum Corp2017-12-1420186.60000010.5000USD1
SNMPASESanchez Midstream Partners LP2017-12-14201810.60000014.5000USD2
ATNMASEActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc2017-12-1420180.6370004.5000USD2
LLEXASELilis Energy Inc2017-12-1420184.4000008.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
MRCTSEMorguard Corp2017-12-142018181.870000210.0000CAD2
LAS.ATSELassonde Industries Inc2017-12-142018250.980000272.5000CAD2
CTC.ATSECanadian Tire Corp Ltd2017-12-142018163.900000184.7778CAD9
LNRTSELinamar Corp2017-12-14201865.02000082.6667CAD6
WNTSEGeorge Weston Ltd2017-12-142018109.920000125.7500CAD4
CPTSECanadian Pacific Railway Ltd2017-12-142018229.830000245.2546CAD12
LTSELoblaw Companies Ltd2017-12-14201867.89000081.8750CAD8
SNCTSESNC-Lavalin Group Inc2017-12-14201856.12000069.2727CAD11
CNRTSECanadian National Railway Co2017-12-142018103.100000114.9247CAD12
TXGTSETorex Gold Resources Inc2017-12-14201811.72000023.1250CAD10
POUTSEParamount Resources Ltd2017-12-14201817.11000028.4464CAD14
SEATSESeabridge Gold Inc2017-12-14201813.18000024.5000CAD2
TRPTSETransCanada Corp2017-12-14201861.81000073.1111CAD9
EIFTSEExchange Income Corp2017-12-14201835.46000046.7000CAD5
TOUTSETourmaline Oil Corp2017-12-14201821.42000032.0000CAD11
CMTSECanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce2017-12-142018119.730000130.2222CAD9
AFNTSEAg Growth International Inc2017-12-14201853.30000063.5714CAD7
ENBTSEEnbridge Inc2017-12-14201849.32000059.5455CAD11
BYD.UNTSEBoyd Group Income Fund2017-12-14201899.590000109.1818CAD11
TRILTSETrillium Therapeutics Inc2017-12-14201810.00000019.2055CAD1
CNQTSECanadian Natural Resources Ltd2017-12-14201842.97000052.0000CAD15
CCL.BTSECCL Industries Inc2017-12-14201859.70000068.7143CAD7
PEYTSEPeyto Exploration & Development Corp2017-12-14201814.25000023.2321CAD14
SCLTSEShawcor Ltd2017-12-14201826.08000035.0000CAD8
XTSETMX Group Ltd2017-12-14201869.25000078.1667CAD6
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
ACSTTSXAcasti Pharma Inc2017-12-1420191.91000010.0000CAD1
MPHTSXMedicure Inc2017-12-1420187.25000011.6333CAD3
CBXTSXCortex Business Solutions Inc2017-12-1420184.2000007.6250CAD4
RPTSXRepliCel Life Sciences Inc2017-12-1420180.4400003.5000CAD1
BSRTSXBluestone Resources Inc2017-12-1420181.0600004.0000CAD1
CKGTSXChesapeake Gold Corp2017-12-1420183.3600006.0000CAD1
KUUTSXKuuHubb Inc2017-12-1420181.5000004.0000CAD2
LTETSXLite Access Technologies Inc2017-12-1420181.5200004.0000CAD1
ATTSXAcuityAds Holdings Inc2017-12-1420181.3000003.6500CAD4
THCXTSXThe Hydropothecary Corp2017-12-1420183.9000006.1500CAD3
PRNTSXProfound Medical Corp2017-12-1420180.8300003.0700CAD5
BUSTSXGrande West Transportation Group Inc2017-12-1420182.1200004.3250CAD2
VIVTSXAvivagen Inc2017-12-1420180.8800003.0000CAD1
POETSXPan Orient Energy Corp2017-12-1420181.2400003.2500CAD1
FILTSXFilo Mining Corp2017-12-1420182.4700004.3667CAD3
BLNTSXBlackline Safety Corp2017-12-1420184.3000006.1250CAD2
SOGTSXStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd2017-12-1420181.1000002.7500CAD1
ICCTSXICC International Cannabis Corp2017-12-1420180.9100002.5167CAD3
FCFTSXFounders Advantage Capital Corp2017-12-1420182.1000003.7000CAD5
TSNTSXTelson Resources Inc2017-12-1420180.7000002.1000CAD1
WEDTSXWestaim Corp2017-12-1420182.9500004.3500CAD3
DANTSXArianne Phosphate Inc2017-12-1420180.6200002.0000CAD1
WOW.ATSXWow Unlimited Media Inc2017-12-1420181.7500003.0750CAD2
SILTSXSilverCrest Metals Inc2017-12-1420181.5900002.8750CAD2
PEOTSXPeople Corp2017-12-1420187.5200008.7500CAD4
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
MMMNYS3M Co2017-12-142018238.080000194.5000USD2
GWWNYSW.W. Grainger Inc2017-12-142018222.670000184.0000USD4
WSTNYSWest Pharmaceutical Services Inc2017-12-14201898.24000065.0000USD1
FDSNYSFactSet Research Systems Inc2017-12-142018202.460000173.5000USD4
SAMNYSBoston Beer Co Inc2017-12-142018185.000000158.0000USD1
AZONYSAutoZone Inc2017-12-142018701.230000675.0000USD4
RGANYSReinsurance Group of America Inc2017-12-142018156.530000134.0000USD1
MSMNYSMSC Industrial Direct Co Inc2017-12-14201888.99000067.0000USD1
CLXNYSClorox Co2017-12-142018146.260000126.0000USD4
HNYSHyatt Hotels Corp2017-12-14201870.35000050.6667USD3 Inc2017-12-14201869.11000050.0000USD1
SCCONYSSouthern Copper Corp2017-12-14201842.91000024.0000USD1
TMKNYSTorchmark Corp2017-12-14201888.86000070.0000USD1
DDSNYSDillard's Inc2017-12-14201957.00000039.0000USD1
BHPNYSBHP Billiton Ltd2017-12-14201842.34000025.0263USD1
KRONYSKronos Worldwide Inc2017-12-14201825.0300008.0000USD1
KRANYSKraton Corp2017-12-14201846.55000030.0000USD1
PIINYSPolaris Industries Inc2017-12-142018127.190000110.6667USD6
BBYNYSBest Buy Co Inc2017-12-14201963.75000048.2500USD4
ALVNYSAutoliv Inc2017-12-142018125.550000110.6000USD5
UNMNYSUnum Group2017-12-14201854.26000041.0000USD1
GSNYSGoldman Sachs Group Inc2017-12-142018255.480000243.1429USD7
BANYSBoeing Co2017-12-142018293.880000281.5714USD7
SKXNYSSkechers USA Inc2017-12-14201836.92000025.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
CACCNASCredit Acceptance Corp2017-12-142018324.540000235.0000USD1
TSLANASTesla Inc2017-12-142018337.890000281.4000USD5
ANABNASAnaptysBio Inc2017-12-14201888.75000040.0000USD1
TREENASLendingTree Inc2017-12-142018334.700000288.0000USD3
AMNBNASAmerican National Bankshares Inc2017-12-14201838.80000010.0000USD1
NKTRNASNektar Therapeutics Inc2017-12-14201855.05000027.5000USD2
ORLYNASO'Reilly Automotive Inc2017-12-142018241.450000215.0000USD6
SIVBNASSVB Financial Group2017-12-142018229.670000203.5000USD4
BSFTNASBroadSoft Inc2017-12-14201854.60000032.0000USD1
BCPCNASBalchem Corp2017-12-14201880.94000060.0000USD1
ISRGNASIntuitive Surgical Inc2017-12-142018360.560000341.6667USD3
UBNTNASUbiquiti Networks Inc2017-12-14201865.61000047.0000USD1
BLUENASbluebird bio Inc2017-12-142018184.350000165.8333USD6
PLCENASChildren's Place Inc2017-12-142019133.300000115.0000USD1
ROKUNASRoku Inc2017-12-14201846.15000028.0000USD1
SNBRNASSleep Number Corp2017-12-14201836.26000021.0000USD2
CTASNASCintas Corp2017-12-142018157.180000142.5000USD2
IBKRNASInteractive Brokers Group Inc2017-12-14201860.05000046.0000USD1
BWLDNASBuffalo Wild Wings Inc2017-12-142018156.750000142.8000USD5
CBOENASCboe Global Markets Inc2017-12-142018126.060000112.2500USD4
SAFTNASSafety Insurance Group Inc2017-12-14201879.60000066.0000USD1
CMPRNASCimpress NV2017-12-142018118.090000105.0000USD2
JKHYNASJack Henry & Associates Inc2017-12-142018116.060000103.0000USD3
ASPSNASAltisource Portfolio Solutions SA2017-12-14201827.43000015.0000USD1
UNFINASUnited Natural Foods Inc2017-12-14201850.97000038.6667USD3
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
FSIASEFlexible Solutions International Inc2017-12-1420181.7000001.5000USD1
NOGASENorthern Oil & Gas Inc2017-12-1420181.5700001.5000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
CTCTSECanadian Tire Corp Ltd2017-12-142018234.260000184.7778CAD9
BPF.UNTSEBoston Pizza Royalties Income Fund2017-12-14201822.12000020.0000CAD1
MKPTSEMCAN Mortgage Corp2017-12-14201817.55000015.5000CAD1
FNTSEFirst National Financial Corp2017-12-14201827.91000026.4000CAD5
PNC.BTSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp2017-12-1420181.5000000.2000CAD1
SRV.UNTSESIR Royalty Income Fund2017-12-14201814.70000013.5000CAD1
BEI.UNTSEBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-14201842.73000041.6136CAD11
WEEDTSECanopy Growth Corp2017-12-14201919.53000018.4286CAD7
ACBTSEAurora Cannabis Inc2017-12-1420187.1000006.0000CAD3
APHTSEAphria Inc2017-12-14201814.21000013.1786CAD7
PNC.ATSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp2017-12-1420181.2100000.2000CAD1
GBTTSEBMTC Group Inc2017-12-14201816.00000015.5000CAD1
ECSTSEeCobalt Solutions Inc2017-12-1420191.7700001.3000CAD1
MTYTSEMTY Food Group Inc2017-12-14201852.05000051.6000CAD5
GHTSEGamehost Inc2017-12-14201810.83000010.5000CAD1
VLETSEValeura Energy Inc2017-12-1420183.0700002.8333CAD3
QECTSEQuesterre Energy Corp2017-12-1420180.8300000.6000CAD1
DRG.UNTSEDream Global Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-14201812.21000012.0000CAD8
CBLTSECallidus Capital Corp2017-12-14201810.21000010.0000CAD2
SOXTSEStuart Olson Inc2017-12-1420186.7800006.5833CAD6
AX.UNTSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-14201814.14000014.0278CAD9
WEQTSEWesternOne Inc2017-12-1420181.5000001.4000CAD1
BTB.UNTSEBTB Real Estate Investment Trust2017-12-1420184.6100004.5250CAD2
GCLTSEColabor Group Inc2017-12-1420180.7400000.7000CAD1
TKOTSETaseko Mines Ltd2017-12-1420182.5600002.5286CAD7
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
SJR.ATSXShaw Communications Inc2017-12-14201831.00000030.6250CAD10
ATMTSXAtacama Pacific Gold Corp2017-12-1420190.7000000.5000CAD1
MJNTSXCronos Group Inc2017-12-1420184.7200004.6300CAD5
PNE.RTSXPine Cliff Energy Ltd2017-12-1420180.9200000.8458CAD12
MVNTSXMadalena Energy Inc2017-12-1420180.2700000.2200CAD2
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