Top 25 Undervalued Stocks by Market Cap Class January 2021: Consumer Cyclicals

What are the top 25 (22 this month) Undervalued Stocks (5 by 5 market cap classes) in the Consumer Cyclicals Sector? I have used the analysis tools on the website to generate the content of this blog post. Have a look down the Welcome page for some of the free lists and reports available as well.

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Undervalued Stocks – Consumer Cyclicals Sector

Today our focus is the Consumer Cyclicals sector and we are looking at companies that are undervalued based on our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) calculation which we do for the 8000 stocks each night in the StockCalc database. The Consumer Cyclicals sector includes a variety of industries such as advertising, autos, travel and leisure, entertainment and retail. These companies tend to be very sensitive to economic cycles.

We generate our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) from 5 models and Analyst consensus. Overview of the models used: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF value) is a valuation technique where cash flow projections are discounted back to the present to calculate value per share. A Comparables model values the company on the basis of ratios from selected comparable companies. We actually do 3 types of comparables models. An Adjusted Book Value (ABV) is calculated by multiplying book value per share by its historical Price to Book ratio. If we have Analyst coverage we look at the consensus target price.

Today’s Data – Consumer Cyclicals

In the table below we can see the close price (Jan 8th 2021) and valuation for these companies along with the ratio of valuation to price as well as their market cap class and average trading volume.

Symbol Company Name Close Price($) Valuation ($) Value/ Price Class Average Volume
VIPS-N Vipshop Holdings 15.13 23.45 1.55 Large Cap 4638125
EXPE-Q Expedia Group 108.62 139.26 1.28 Large Cap 1990003
QSR-T Restaurant Brands Intl 81.28 98.32 1.21 Large Cap 987770
WRK-N WestRock 41.74 48.33 1.16 Large Cap 3156442
ARMK-N Aramark 44.27 51.01 1.15 Large Cap 1239589
QRTEA-Q Qurate Retail 7.95 16.00 2.01 Mid Cap 3389376
SIX-N Six Flags Entertainment 43.56 63.00 1.45 Mid Cap 1876296
GIL-N Gildan Activewear 29.53 38.31 1.30 Mid Cap 619339
BERY-N Berry Global Group 44.77 55.71 1.24 Mid Cap 1535864
WYND-N Wyndham Destinations 51.12 59.50 1.16 Mid Cap 453248
CHS-N Chico’s FAS 3.76 7.91 2.10 Small Cap 2234503
RGS-N Regis 16.55 33.00 1.99 Small Cap 277526
CONN-Q Conn’s 11.01 21.75 1.98 Small Cap 1032243
EXPR-N Express 5.09 10.00 1.96 Small Cap 1834662
MOD-N Modine Manufacturing 7.46 14.48 1.94 Small Cap 204739
JILL-N J.Jill 1.26 2.81 2.23 Micro Cap 192705
HOV-N Hovnanian Enterprises 20.84 42.71 2.05 Micro Cap 161152
CXDC-Q China XD Plastics Co 1.99 4.08 2.05 Micro Cap 78384
PRTY-N Party City Holdco 2.53 5.00 1.98 Micro Cap 2868379
FRGI-Q Fiesta Restaurant Gr 10.54 18.29 1.74 Micro Cap 195956
BUS-X Grande West 0.46 0.60 1.32 Nano Cap 100501
BBQ-Q BBQ Hldgs 4.36 4.51 1.04 Nano Cap 79193

N-NYSE, Q-Nasdaq, A-American, T-Toronto, X-Toronto Venture

Lets look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

Expedia Group
Expedia Group Inc is an online travel company. It offers holiday packages, rental cars, cruises, as well as destination services and activities. The Core OTA segment generates maximum revenue for the company.

Six Flags Entertainment
Six Flags Entertainment Corp is the owner and operator of regional theme and water parks in the United States, Mexico and Canada. It offers thrill rides, water attractions, themed areas, concerts and shows, restaurants, game venues and retail outlet

Hovnanian Enterprises
Hovnanian Enterprises Inc is an American construction company. It designs, constructs, markets and sells single-family detached homes, attached townhomes and condominiums, urban infill and active lifestyle homes in planned residential developments.

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