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Top 20 Undervalued Stocks by Market Cap Class April 2021: Technology Sector

What are the top 20 Undervalued Stocks (selected over 5 market cap classes) in the Technology Sector? I have used the analysis tools on the website stockcalc.com to generate the content of this blog post. Have a look down the Welcome page www.stockcalc.com/Welcome for some of the free lists and reports available.

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Undervalued Stocks -Technology Sector

Today our focus is the Technology sector and we are looking at companies that are undervalued based on our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) calculation which we do for the 8000 stocks each night in the StockCalc database. The Technology sector is comprised of companies in the following Industry groups: Application Software, Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors and Electrical Components. For example the sector includes companies that design, develop, market, and support hardware and software programs, including those that are cloud-based, for specific consumer and business functions. The stocks are generally not held for their dividends but rather capital appreciation.

We generate our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) from 5 models and Analyst consensus. Overview of the models used: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF value) is a valuation technique where cash flow projections are discounted back to the present to calculate value per share. A Comparables model values the company on the basis of ratios from selected comparable companies. We actually do 3 types of comparables models. An Adjusted Book Value (ABV) is calculated by multiplying book value per share by its historical Price to Book ratio. If we have Analyst coverage we look at the consensus target price.

Today’s Data – Technology

In the table below we can see the close price (Apr 12th 2021) and valuation for these companies along with the ratio of valuation to price as well as their market cap class and average trading volume.

Stock Symbol Company Name Close Price($) Valuation ($) Value/ Price M Cap Class Average Volume
BKI-N Black Knight 74.26 85.13 1.15 Large Cap 650614
CRM-N Salesforce.com 228.76 262.00 1.15 Large Cap 6205676
ADI-Q Analog Devices 159.73 180.00 1.13 Large Cap 2026743
CTXS-Q Citrix Systems 142.06 157.00 1.11 Large Cap 798943
SHOP-N Shopify 1202.00 1324.85 1.10 Large Cap 1030514
MSP-N Datto Holding 23.85 32.79 1.37 Mid Cap 380761
CRSR-Q Corsair Gaming 33.67 42.84 1.27 Mid Cap 657094
STMP-Q Stamps.com 207.61 244.14 1.18 Mid Cap 171026
APPF-Q AppFolio 142.50 166.89 1.17 Mid Cap 127772
BLKB-Q Blackbaud 71.55 82.13 1.15 Mid Cap 260796
EBIX-Q Ebix 30.05 58.33 1.94 Small Cap 251650
OPRA-Q Opera 10.62 17.24 1.62 Small Cap 211606
VHC-N VirnetX Holding 5.04 7.59 1.51 Small Cap 505982
IMXI-Q International Money 14.85 18.25 1.23 Small Cap 70283
ZEPP-N Zepp Health 10.51 12.84 1.22 Small Cap 239979
WTRH-Q Waitr Hldgs 2.76 4.29 1.55 Micro Cap 1778011
DAKT-Q Daktronics 6.31 9.02 1.43 Micro Cap 79138
PCYG-Q Park City Gr 5.28 7.19 1.36 Micro Cap 57141
INOD-Q Innodata 6.94 8.78 1.26 Micro Cap 92037
FKWL-Q Franklin Wireless 12.75 15.39 1.21 Micro Cap 152953

N-NYSE, Q-Nasdaq, A-American, T-Toronto, X-Toronto Venture

Lets look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.


Salesforce.com Inc is a software-as-a-service company that provides enterprise cloud computing solutions, offering social and mobile cloud apps and platform services, as well as professional services to facilitate the adoption of its solutions.

Corsair Gaming

Corsair Gaming Inc is engaged in the business of providing high-performance gear for gamers and content creators. The product portfolio includes Cases, Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Power Supplies, Gaming Computers, Gaming Chairs, Mouse pads, and other related products. The company operates in two segments namely, Gamer and Creator peripherals and Gaming Components and systems.


Daktronics Inc along with its subsidiaries is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic display systems and related products for Commercial, Live Events, Schools and Theatres, and Transportation.