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Top 20 Undervalued Stocks by Market Cap Class March 2021: Health Care

What are the top 20 Undervalued Stocks (selected over 5 market cap classes) in the Health Care Sector? I have used the analysis tools on the website stockcalc.com to generate the content of this blog post. Have a look down the Welcome page www.stockcalc.com/Welcome for some of the free lists and reports available.

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Undervalued Stocks – Health Care Sector

Today our focus is the Health Care sector and we are looking at companies that are undervalued based on our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) calculation which we do for the 8000 stocks each night in the StockCalc database. The Health Care sector is comprised of companies in the following Industry groups: Biotechnology, Drug Manufacturers, Healthcare Plans, Providers & Services, Medical Devices, Instruments, Diagnostics, Research and Distribution. Companies in this Sector range in activities from research and discovery through to development and production of innovative drug and drug related technologies. They also include medical software, diagnostics, equipment, retail drug sales through to managed health products and services. The mature companies in this sector tend to have steady revenues and earnings through the economic cycles. The stocks are also held for their dividends.

We generate our Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) from 5 models and Analyst consensus. Overview of the models used: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF value) is a valuation technique where cash flow projections are discounted back to the present to calculate value per share. A Comparables model values the company on the basis of ratios from selected comparable companies. We actually do 3 types of comparables models. An Adjusted Book Value (ABV) is calculated by multiplying book value per share by its historical Price to Book ratio. If we have Analyst coverage we look at the consensus target price.

Today’s Data – Health Care

In the table below we can see the close price (Mar 15th 2021) and valuation for these companies along with the ratio of valuation to price as well as their market cap class and average trading volume.

Symbol Company Name Close Price($) Valuation ($) Value/ Price Class Average Volume
GRFS-Q Grifols 16.05 25.46 1.59 Large Cap 1252042
REGN-Q Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 483.94 670.01 1.38 Large Cap 725117
VRTX-Q Vertex Pharmaceuticals 219.65 281.29 1.28 Large Cap 1539755
FMS-N Fresenius Medical Care 36.32 45.43 1.25 Large Cap 514545
GSK-N GlaxoSmithKline 35.88 44.13 1.23 Large Cap 6011590
OPK-Q OPKO Health 4.72 6.11 1.29 Mid Cap 9264797
CMD-N Cantel Medical 78.43 100.00 1.28 Mid Cap 755123
GLPG-Q Galapagos 83.08 106.05 1.28 Mid Cap 142367
SAGE-Q Sage Therapeutics 79.32 99.00 1.25 Mid Cap 400545
EXEL-Q Exelixis 24.17 29.91 1.24 Mid Cap 2098945
SUPN-Q Supernus Pharmaceuticals 26.80 54.25 2.02 Small Cap 282360
CPRX-Q Catalyst Pharmaceuticals 3.94 7.27 1.84 Small Cap 1443936
CHRS-Q Coherus BioSciences 15.86 27.37 1.73 Small Cap 823515
CO-N Global Cord Blood 4.58 6.66 1.45 Small Cap 59174
GUD-T Knight Therapeutics 5.20 7.19 1.38 Small Cap 508236
HAPP-Q Happiness Biotech Gr 2.08 3.97 1.91 Micro Cap 316488
DR-T Medical Facilities 6.76 9.30 1.38 Micro Cap 77223
VYGR-Q Voyager Therapeutics 5.80 6.77 1.17 Micro Cap 422267
LABS-T MediPharm Labs 0.53 0.61 1.16 Micro Cap 4424442
CRHM-A CRH Medical 3.89 4.45 1.14 Micro Cap 375956
DN-T Delta 9 Cannabis 0.52 0.57 1.10 Nano Cap 245179

N-NYSE, Q-Nasdaq, A-American, T-Toronto, X-Toronto Venture

Lets look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc is an integrated biopharmaceutical company. It discovers, invents, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions.

Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical Corp is dedicated in delivering infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers which improve outcomes, enhance safety and help save lives.

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities Corp is engaged in controlling interests, through its subsidiaries, in specialty hospitals and an ambulatory surgery center. The specialty surgical hospitals perform scheduled surgical, imaging and diagnostic procedures.

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