Biggest Stock Gainers for 2016 on ASE

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Biggest Stock Gainers for 2016 on ASE

Today we are looking at companies that have had the greatest percentage increase in share price year to date.

Top 25 Companies

Lists like these are always interesting to look at as they tell more than one story. Companies that are experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons. These can include, the sector they are in has turned (such as companies in the commodities space or a new sector that has huge future potential), the company is in talks to be taken over, or the company has restructured and earnings are turning better than expected.

In this list we have selected the top 25 companies based on their percentage increase in share price year to date.

Data for 2016 on ASE

List of Top Gainers for 2016 on American Stock Exchange.

Symbol Exchange Standard Name Total Return (%) As Of Date Period
NAK ASE Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd 576 12/30/2016 YTD
WRN ASE Western Copper & Gold Corp 416 12/30/2016 YTD
LEU ASE Centrus Energy Corp 383 12/30/2016 YTD
GSS ASE Golden Star Resources Ltd 349 12/30/2016 YTD
SKY ASE Skyline Corp 334 12/30/2016 YTD
AXU ASE Alexco Resource Corp 297 12/30/2016 YTD
DGSE ASE DGSE Companies Inc 276 12/30/2016 YTD
EVI ASE EnviroStar Inc 250 12/30/2016 YTD
VGZ ASE Vista Gold Corp 247 12/30/2016 YTD
GPL ASE Great Panther Silver Ltd 231 12/30/2016 YTD
GV ASE Goldfield Corp 229 12/30/2016 YTD
GSV ASE Gold Standard Ventures Corp 215 12/30/2016 YTD
AAMC ASE Altisource Asset Management Corp 212 12/30/2016 YTD
BGI ASE Birks Group Inc 191 12/30/2016 YTD
AUMN ASE Golden Minerals Co 190 12/30/2016 YTD
THM ASE International Tower Hill Mines Ltd 179 12/30/2016 YTD
GORO ASE Gold Resource Corp 164 12/30/2016 YTD
TGB ASE Taseko Mines Ltd 151 12/30/2016 YTD
IDN ASE Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc 150 12/30/2016 YTD
STS ASE Supreme Industries Inc 135 12/30/2016 YTD
BTG ASE B2Gold Corp 132 12/30/2016 YTD
XRA ASE Exeter Resource Corp 132 12/30/2016 YTD
KLDX ASE Klondex Mines Ltd 127 12/30/2016 YTD
TGD ASE Timmins Gold Corp 126 12/30/2016 YTD
SIM ASE Grupo Simec SAB de CV 115 12/30/2016 YTD

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