Biggest Stock Decliners for 2016 on TSX Venture Exchange

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Biggest Stock Decliners for 2016 on TSX

Today we are looking at companies that have had the greatest percentage decrease in share price year to date.

Top 25 Companies

Lists like these are always interesting to look at as they tell more than one story. Companies that are experiencing dramatic decreases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons including, the sector they are in has turned (such as companies in an unfavorable commodities space or a sector that has been disrupted), or the company is experiencing financial difficulties generally due to an inability to service its debt.

In this list we have selected the top 25 companies based on their percentage decrease in share price year to date.

Data for 2016 on TSX

List of Top Decliners for 2016 on TSX Venture Exchange.

Symbol Exchange Standard Name Total Return (%) As Of Date Period
MCC.H TSX Magor Corp -97 12/30/2016 YTD
TGX TSX True North Gems Inc -97 12/30/2016 YTD
SLC TSX SLYCE Inc -94 12/30/2016 YTD
MDE.H TSX Madeira Minerals Ltd -93 12/30/2016 YTD
NIR TSX Noble Iron Inc -93 12/30/2016 YTD
SYD TSX Synodon Inc -92 12/30/2016 YTD
AVC TSX American Vanadium Corp -89 12/30/2016 YTD
ALD TSX Aldever Resources Inc -89 12/30/2016 YTD
ONE TSX 01 Communique Laboratory Inc -88 12/30/2016 YTD
VGO TSX Vogogo Inc -88 12/30/2016 YTD
VANC TSX Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc -88 12/30/2016 YTD
FSC.H TSX Fitch Street Capital Corp -88 12/30/2016 YTD
INT TSX Intertainment Media IncLtd -88 12/30/2016 YTD
TON TSX Standard Tolling Corp -88 12/30/2016 YTD
CRS TSX Cardiff Energy Corp -88 12/30/2016 YTD
REO TSX Reservoir Capital Corp -88 12/30/2016 YTD
AXA TSX Axios Mobile Assets Corp -87 12/30/2016 YTD
VTC.H TSX SVT Capital Corp -87 12/30/2016 YTD
PPK TSX Prospect Park Capital Corp -87 12/30/2016 YTD
MV TSX MOVIT Media Corp -86 12/30/2016 YTD
EDE.H TSX Edge Resources Inc -86 12/30/2016 YTD
QF TSX QuikFlo Health Inc -84 12/30/2016 YTD
FGF TSX Capital DGMC Inc -83 12/30/2016 YTD
BCP.H TSX Broome Capital Inc -83 12/30/2016 YTD
EYC TSX Eyecarrot Innovations Corp -82 12/30/2016 YTD

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