Bonanza Creek Energy (BCEI:NYS) and Textainer Group Holdings (TGH:NYS) Are Biggest Stock Gainers YTD on NYSE

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Biggest Stock Gainers Year to Date on NYSE

Today we are looking at companies that have had the greatest percentage increase in share price year to date.

Top 25 Companies

Lists like these are always interesting to look at as they tell more than one story. Companies that are experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons. These can include, the sector they are in has turned (such as companies in the commodities space or a new sector that has huge future potential), the company is in talks to be taken over, or the company has restructured and earnings are turning better than expected.

In this list we have selected the top 25 companies based on their percentage increase in share price year to date.

Today’s Data on NYSE

Today’s data is for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Symbol Name Total Return Period
BCEI Bonanza Creek Energy Inc 129.411765 YTD
TGH Textainer Group Holdings Ltd 93.288591 YTD
CAI CAI International Inc 86.159170 YTD
CVEO Civeo Corp 60.909091 YTD
SXE Southcross Energy Partners LP 50.370370 YTD
SN Sanchez Energy Corp 46.843854 YTD
EMES Emerge Energy Services LP 45.816409 YTD
OIBR.C Oi SA 44.836272 YTD
SALT Scorpio Bulkers Inc 41.584158 YTD
MX MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp 38.709677 YTD
SQNS Sequans Communications SA 38.502674 YTD
GFA Gafisa SA 37.837838 YTD
VOC VOC Energy Trust 37.798742 YTD
LPG Dorian LPG Ltd 37.758831 YTD
HBM Hudbay Minerals Inc 37.719298 YTD
PZE Petrobras Argentina SA 36.752137 YTD
I Intelsat SA 35.205993 YTD
NOA North American Energy Partners Inc 35.064935 YTD
PAM Pampa Energia SA 33.409940 YTD
CEL Cellcom Israel Ltd 32.156368 YTD
PVG Pretium Resources Inc 31.067961 YTD
SB Safe Bulkers Inc 30.434783 YTD
SGM Stonegate Mortgage Corp 29.815745 YTD
AA Alcoa Corp 29.807692 YTD
EXTN Exterran Corp 29.790795 YTD

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

BCEI:NYS Bonanza Creek Energy
Bonanza Creek Energy has 282 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Bonanza Creek Energy Inc is an independent energy company. The Company is engaged in acquisition, exploration, development & production of onshore oil & natural gas in U.S. Its operations are focused in Rocky Mountain and in the Mid-Continent region.

TGH:NYS Textainer Group Holdings
Textainer Group Holdings has 161 employees and is headquartered in Bermuda.
Textainer Group Holdings Ltd operates as a lessor of intermodal containers based on fleet size. The Company operates its business in three segments: Container Ownership, Container Management and Container Resale.

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