Oncolytics Biotech (ONC:TSE) and Black Iron (BKI:TSE) Are Biggest Stock Gainers YTD on TSE

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Biggest Stock Gainers Year to Date on TSE

Today we are looking at companies that have had the greatest percentage increase in share price year to date.

Top 25 Companies

Lists like these are always interesting to look at as they tell more than one story. Companies that are experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons. These can include, the sector they are in has turned (such as companies in the commodities space or a new sector that has huge future potential), the company is in talks to be taken over, or the company has restructured and earnings are turning better than expected.

In this list we have selected the top 25 companies based on their percentage increase in share price year to date.

Today’s Data on TSE

Today’s data is for companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Symbol Name Total Return Period
ONC Oncolytics Biotech Inc 247.169811 YTD
BKI Black Iron Inc 157.142857 YTD
MM Mood Media Corp 135.714286 YTD
NPK Verde AgriTech PLC 131.372549 YTD
MOZ Marathon Gold Corp 118.644068 YTD
WM Wallbridge Mining Co Ltd 118.181818 YTD
OSK Osisko Mining Inc 113.114754 YTD
EDT Spectral Medical Inc 100.000000 YTD
CIA Champion Iron Ltd 97.872340 YTD
IVN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd 96.850394 YTD
APY Anglo Pacific Group PLC 80.180180 YTD
NCF Northcliff Resources Ltd 80.000000 YTD
FRX Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc 79.693487 YTD
MOGO Mogo Finance Technology Inc 75.000000 YTD
KER Kerr Mines Inc 73.913043 YTD
BLDP Ballard Power Systems Inc 73.873874 YTD
NRE Namibia Rare Earths Inc 70.000000 YTD
LVN Levon Resources Ltd 68.965517 YTD
SHOP Shopify Inc 66.048527 YTD
NUS Nautilus Minerals Inc 65.517241 YTD
IMV Immunovaccine Inc 63.235294 YTD
TC Tucows Inc 62.185052 YTD
AMM Almaden Minerals Ltd 61.832061 YTD
CGT Columbus Gold Corp 61.666667 YTD
HYG Hydrogenics Corp 60.173913 YTD

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

ONC:TSE Oncolytics Biotech

Oncolytics Biotech has 21 employees and is headquartered in Canada.
Oncolytics Biotech Inc is a development stage biopharmaceutical company. It is engaged in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer that have not been successfully treated with conventional therapeutics.

BKI:TSE Black Iron

Black Iron has 7 employees and is headquartered in Canada.
Black Iron Inc is engaged in exploration and development of ferrous metals in Ukraine namely the Shymanivske project located in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

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