Automodular (AM.H:TSX) and Sterling Resources (SLG:TSX) Trading at Less than Cash Value

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Trading at Less than Cash Value

Today we are looking at companies trading at less than cash value meaning companies whose current share price is less than the cash per share on the balance sheet. We also show the value of cash net debt per share to show how much cash per share would be left if the debt was paid off.

What this Means…

Companies can have more cash per share than the actual share price for a number of reasons including they just raised capital, are in industries that experience high burn rates and will eat through the cash quickly or if there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the company. Companies earning a positive net income will have a P/E greater than 0 and are worth exploring in more detail.

Today’s Data on TSX

Today’s data is for companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Symbol Name Close Price Shares Outstanding P/E P/B Cash per Share Net Cash per Share
AM.H Automodular Corp 2.370000 12980027 None 0.9355 2.50 2.13
BOE GrowMax Resources Corp 0.110000 213925645 None 0.2871 0.20 0.26
KGF King George Financial Corp 0.560000 39556460 2.0741 0.6112 0.61 0.61
SLG Sterling Resources Ltd 0.130000 147186000 0.4113 0.9020 0.14 0.14
NM Northern Empire Resources Corp 0.750000 12769864 None 0.4937 0.93 0.54
IGP Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd 1.080000 7209847 1.9286 0.3251 1.41 1.05
ECC Ethos Gold Corp 0.145000 47335381 None 0.9198 0.16 None
ACE.H ACE Aviation Holdings Inc 0.190000 32475000 None None 0.35 2.19
FRK Front Range Resources Ltd 0.100000 54855063 None 0.1467 0.11 None
BSR Bluestone Resources Inc 1.150000 4262954 None 0.0609 8.68 8.67
BSR Bluestone Resources Inc 1.150000 4262954 None 0.0609 8.68 8.67
MBG Malbex Resources Inc 0.330000 14654730 None 0.9506 0.36 0.46
EEL Esrey Energy Ltd 0.120000 39762771 None 0.5296 0.13 0.17
SCYB Scythian Biosciences Corp 5.500000 660584 None 0.2842 18.01 0.00
CZQ.H Continental Precious Minerals Inc 0.300000 11706896 None 0.6104 0.49 None
RRR.UN R&R Real Estate Investment Trust 0.095000 31804795 None 0.6762 0.23 0.07
IOG Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc 0.100000 27885824 None 0.2502 0.11 0.09
BCO.H British Controlled Oilfields Ltd 0.650000 4068563 None None 0.85 None
CBV Cobra Venture Corp 0.090000 15903748 None 0.3986 0.15 -0.01
CRD.H Coronado Resources Ltd 0.220000 5662340 None 0.8133 0.25 1.17
POC Pacific Iron Ore Corp 0.150000 6737858 None 0.3671 0.17 0.13
LSC LSC Lithium Corp 1.160000 615385 None 0.0115 35.46 None
LSC LSC Lithium Corp 1.160000 615385 None 0.0115 35.46 None
FBR.H Fibre-Crown Manufacturing Inc 0.090000 7107764 3.0000 0.6949 0.12 0.15
WAS.H Watusi Capital Corp 0.105000 4000000 None 0.8616 0.12 None

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

AM.H:TSX Automodular
Automodular has 525 employees and is headquartered in Canada.
Automodular Corp is engaged in sequencing and sub-assembly of modules that are installed in equipment assembled by North American Original Equipment Manufacturers at plants in Canada. Its offerings include instrument panel, power pack and rear suspension.

SLG:TSX Sterling Resources
Sterling Resources has 21 employees and is headquartered in Canada.
Sterling Resources Ltd is engaged in the exploration, appraisal and development of crude oil and natural gas in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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