Alphabet (GOOG:NAS) and (AMZN:NAS) Are Undervalued

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Undervalued Stocks on NASDAQ

Today we are looking at companies that are considered undervalued based on the Analyst data in the StockCalc database.

In the table below we can see the close price and target price for these companies along with the number of analysts covering the stock. We also have included the fiscal year for the target price as sometimes these analyst targets are not for the current or even the next fiscal year.

There can be a number of reasons why a company would be on this list. What is particularly interesting are companies with a large analyst following that make this list. We need to dig deeper into these companies to understand why the difference in price versus target.

Today’s Data on NASDAQ

Today’s data is for companies listed on the NASDAQ.

Symbol Name Target Year Close Price Target Price Mean Currency Target Price # of Estimates
GOOGL Alphabet Inc 2018 1041.640000 1164.0000 USD 10
GOOG Alphabet Inc 2018 1026.000000 1164.0000 USD 10
AMZN Inc 2018 1136.840000 1246.7270 USD 11
PCLN The Priceline Group Inc 2018 1719.500000 1968.7500 USD 4
CHTR Charter Communications Inc 2018 336.810000 422.0000 USD 4
CELG Celgene Corp 2018 98.860000 141.5714 USD 7
SHPG Shire PLC 2018 139.270000 228.1874 USD 5
REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc 2018 384.800000 516.0000 USD 5
ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc 2018 109.980000 156.8000 USD 5
ALGN Align Technology Inc 2018 254.020000 335.0000 USD 1
EXPE Expedia Inc 2018 122.090000 157.8000 USD 5
ULTA Ulta Beauty Inc 2019 199.050000 265.3333 USD 3
JAZZ Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC 2018 134.240000 178.1667 USD 6
SINA SINA Corp 2018 106.500000 157.0000 USD 1
RGLD Royal Gold Inc 2018 85.960000 125.9010 CAD 2
ZBRA Zebra Technologies Corp 2018 104.990000 145.0000 USD 3
TSRO Tesaro Inc 2018 86.730000 151.6000 USD 5
STMP Inc 2018 175.050000 242.5000 USD 2
ICPT Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc 2018 58.650000 144.0000 USD 4
OSTK Inc 2018 50.250000 85.0000 USD 1
XPER Xperi Corp 2018 19.150000 53.0000 USD 1
ADMS Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc 2018 26.320000 85.0000 USD 1
ATRA Atara Biotherapeutics Inc 2018 13.650000 47.0000 USD 1
ALBO Albireo Pharma Inc 2018 23.720000 58.0000 USD 1
BGNE BeiGene Ltd 2018 79.600000 120.0000 USD 1

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

GOOG:NAS Alphabet
Alphabet has 78101 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Alphabet Inc is a provider of internet content products and portals. Its suite of brands includes Search, Android, YouTube, Apps, Maps & Ads.

AMZN:NAS has 341400 employees and is headquartered in United States. Inc is an online retailer. The Company sells its products through the website which provides services, such as advertising services and co-branded credit card agreements. It also offers electronic devices like Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets.

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