IDEXX Laboratories (IDXX:NAS) and Ulta Beauty (ULTA:NAS) Are Fully Valued

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Fully Valued Stocks on NASDAQ

Today we are looking at companies that are considered fully valued based on the Analyst data in the StockCalc database.

In this table we can see the close price and target price for these companies along with the number of analysts covering the stock. We also have included the fiscal year for the target price as sometimes these analyst targets are not for the current or even the next fiscal year.

There can be a number of reasons why a company would be on this list. What is particularly interesting are companies with a large analyst following that make this list. We need to dig deeper into these companies to understand why the difference in price versus target.

Today’s Data on NASDAQ

Today’s data is for companies listed on the NASDAQ.

Symbol Name Target Year Close Price Target Price Mean Currency Target Price # of Estimates
IDXX IDEXX Laboratories Inc 2018 193.850000 181.6667 USD 3
ULTA Ulta Beauty Inc 2019 233.940000 225.0000 USD 5
ANSS Ansys Inc 2018 160.950000 149.0000 USD 2
CINF Cincinnati Financial Corp 2018 74.950000 66.0000 USD 1
DISCB Discovery Inc 2018 38.000000 27.7143 USD 7
IEP Icahn Enterprises LP 2018 64.090000 45.0000 USD 1
FFIV F5 Networks Inc 2018 157.140000 138.0000 USD 4
AVXS AveXis Inc 2018 210.600000 167.1667 USD 6
MKTX MarketAxess Holdings Inc 2018 200.880000 190.0000 USD 1
CACC Credit Acceptance Corp 2018 335.140000 303.3333 USD 3
AZPN Aspen Technology Inc 2019 85.110000 73.0000 USD 1
UBNT Ubiquiti Networks Inc 2018 71.190000 55.0000 USD 1
CMPR Cimpress NV 2019 147.810000 139.5000 USD 2
BCPC Balchem Corp 2018 88.980000 60.0000 USD 1
SFLY Shutterfly Inc 2018 82.150000 73.0000 USD 1
MANT Mantech International Corp 2018 60.330000 47.0000 USD 1
NAVG Navigators Group Inc 2018 57.800000 45.0000 USD 1
ABAX Abaxis Inc 2019 72.440000 64.5000 USD 4
MNTA Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc 2018 19.550000 10.0000 USD 1
BOLD Audentes Therapeutics Inc 2018 37.170000 29.0000 USD 1
ATRI Atrion Corp 2018 628.000000 300.0000 USD 1
SPSC SPS Commerce Inc 2018 64.810000 54.2500 USD 4
ATNI ATN International Inc 2018 66.230000 57.0000 USD 1
CTWS Connecticut Water Service Inc 2018 67.880000 57.0000 USD 1
AMNB American National Bankshares Inc 2018 40.000000 10.0000 USD 1

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

IDXX:NAS IDEXX Laboratories
IDEXX Laboratories has 7600 employees and is headquartered in United States.
IDEXX Laboratories Inc develops, manufactures and distributes products and provide services for companion animal veterinary, livestock and poultry, dairy and water testing markets.

ULTA:NAS Ulta Beauty
Ulta Beauty has 34700 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Ulta Beauty Inc operates as a beauty retailer in the United States. It offers cosmetics, fragrance, skin, hair care products and salon services.

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