Mallinckrodt (MNK:NYS) and Kenon Hldgs (KEN:NYS) Trading at Less than Cash Value

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Trading at Less than Cash Value

Today we are looking at companies trading at less than cash value meaning companies whose current share price is less than the cash per share on the balance sheet. We also show the value of cash net debt per share to show how much cash per share would be left if the debt was paid off.

What this Means…

Companies can have more cash per share than the actual share price for a number of reasons including they just raised capital, are in industries that experience high burn rates and will eat through the cash quickly or if there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the company. Companies earning a positive net income will have a P/E greater than 0 and are worth exploring in more detail.

Today’s Data on NYSE

Today’s data is for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Symbol Name Close Price Shares Outstanding P/E P/B Cash per Share Net Cash per Share
ENIA Enel Americas SA 11.580000 1149052830 46.3874 2.0146 1566.95 -906.17
MNK Mallinckrodt PLC 13.410000 86387326 0.7225 0.1731 14.60 -63.36
KEN Kenon Holdings Ltd 15.670000 53826749 None 0.8629 26.33 7.08
UIS Unisys Corp 11.150000 50639210 None None 14.49 1.76
CYH Community Health Systems Inc 3.830000 116319124 None 0.4329 4.84 -114.77
XIN Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd 5.170000 64983022 8.4169 0.3565 12.41 -26.20
SDLP Seadrill Partners LLC 3.280000 91821600 2.1717 0.2352 9.21 -27.82
KODK Eastman Kodak Co 4.900000 42642450 2.6796 None 8.07 -1.38
AOI Alliance One International Inc 21.350000 9008725 3.6328 0.7637 23.25 -138.27
BPI Bridgepoint Education Inc 6.120000 27157986 18.9688 1.2833 6.82 4.08
LEJU Leju Holdings Ltd 1.090000 135763962 None 0.5403 1.54 None
HOS Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc 3.640000 37147663 5.1096 0.0964 5.03 -24.07
SDRL Seadrill Ltd 0.280000 504444280 None 0.0208 2.67 -15.82
NM Navios Maritime Holdings Inc 0.809300 124709280 None 0.1981 0.92 -12.26
PKD Parker Drilling Co 0.610100 139219872 None 0.2747 1.02 -3.13
UTI Universal Technical Institute Inc 3.030000 25009726 None 0.4679 3.46 1.74
GSL Global Ship Lease Inc 1.180000 55015690 None 0.2558 1.33 -5.91
CGA China Green Agriculture Inc 1.250000 38551265 1.8939 0.1150 3.77 3.42
MN Manning & Napier Inc 3.150000 15263565 12.6000 0.3000 5.13 5.32
PQ Petroquest Energy Inc 0.596700 25587441 None None 0.61 -11.48
WMLP Westmoreland Resource Partners LP 1.008000 1284840 None 14.8853 28.59 -223.45

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

MNK:NYS Mallinckrodt
Mallinckrodt has 3900 employees and is headquartered in United Kingdom.
Mallinckrodt PLC is a drug manufacturing company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes specialty pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. It operates in two segments including branded pharmaceuticals and generic drugs.

KEN:NYS Kenon Hldgs
Kenon Hldgs has 5348 employees and is headquartered in Singapore.
Kenon Holdings Ltd, through its subsidiaries, provides electricity generation using technologies such as hydroelectric, natural gas and diesel turbines and heavy fuel oil engines, in Peru, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, among others.

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