Pfenex (PFNX:ASE) and BioPharmX (BPMX:ASE) Are Biggest Stock Gainers YTD on AMEX

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Biggest Stock Gainers Year to Date on AMEX

Today we are looking at companies that have had the greatest percentage increase in share price year to date.

Top 25 Companies

Lists like these are always interesting to look at as they tell more than one story. Companies that are experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons. These can include, the sector they are in has turned (such as companies in the commodities space or a new sector that has huge future potential), the company is in talks to be taken over, or the company has restructured and earnings are turning better than expected.

In this list we have selected the top 25 companies based on their percentage increase in share price year to date.

Today’s Data on AMEX

Today’s data is for companies listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Symbol Name Total Return Period
PFNX Pfenex Inc 127.067669 YTD
BPMX BioPharmX Corp 126.860254 YTD
BDR Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc 102.936809 YTD
FTNW FTE Networks Inc 100.806452 YTD
REED Reed’s Inc 90.322581 YTD
ENSV Enservco Corp 89.470415 YTD
INS Intelligent Systems Corp 75.438596 YTD
AKG Asanko Gold Inc 65.698910 YTD
TRX Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp 62.230216 YTD
TRXC TransEnterix Inc 62.176166 YTD
MHH Mastech Digital Inc 57.057654 YTD
BVX Bovie Medical Corp 53.461538 YTD
DXR Daxor Corp 51.766970 YTD
CVM CEL-SCI Corp 51.338766 YTD
CPHI China Pharma Holding Inc 46.810934 YTD
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corp 45.985401 YTD
COHN Cohen & Co Inc 41.380299 YTD
EMX EMX Royalty Corp 40.760346 YTD
SDPI Superior Drilling Products Inc 39.455782 YTD
GORO Gold Resource Corp 39.015182 YTD
NSU Nevsun Resources Ltd 38.114754 YTD
SRCI SRC Energy Inc 37.983587 YTD
IEC IEC Electronics Corp 37.378641 YTD
INFU InfuSystems Holdings Inc 36.956522 YTD
ZDGE Zedge Inc 34.943440 YTD

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

Pfenex has 68 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Pfenex Inc is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. It is engaged in the development of biosimilar and therapeutic equivalent products to branded therapeutics and difficult-to-manufacture proteins.

BioPharmX has 27 employees and is headquartered in United States.
BioPharmX Corp is a specialty pharmaceutical company. It is engaged in utilizing its proprietary drug delivery technologies to develop and commercialize novel prescription and over-the-counter, products that address markets in health and dermatology.

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