Five Point Holdings (FPH:NYS) and Hovnanian Enterprises (HOV:NYS) Trading at Less than Cash Value

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Trading at Less than Cash Value

Today we are looking at companies trading at less than cash value meaning companies whose current share price is less than the cash per share on the balance sheet. We also show the value of cash net debt per share to show how much cash per share would be left if the debt was paid off.

What this Means…

Companies can have more cash per share than the actual share price for a number of reasons including they just raised capital, are in industries that experience high burn rates and will eat through the cash quickly or if there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the company. Companies earning a positive net income will have a P/E greater than 0 and are worth exploring in more detail.

Today’s Data on NYSE

Today’s data is for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Symbol Name Close Price Shares Outstanding P/E P/B Cash per Share Net Cash per Share
FPH Five Point Holdings LLC 7.440000 66527880 19.0769 0.8181 10.20 1.84
FLY Fly Leasing Ltd 13.350000 27983352 12.7143 0.6351 14.53 -75.67
SDLP Seadrill Partners LLC 3.330000 91821600 1.5504 0.2164 8.78 -26.75
DBD Diebold Nixdorf Inc 3.720000 76093756 None 1.2470 3.93 -20.84
XIN Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd 3.750000 64423309 8.7209 0.3553 16.55 -39.31
HOV Hovnanian Enterprises Inc 1.420000 148385821 None None 1.50 -9.64
SN Sanchez Energy Corp 1.960000 87437540 None None 5.01 -22.31
KODK Eastman Kodak Co 2.490000 42671808 2.5152 8.8544 6.44 -2.95
NM Navios Maritime Holdings Inc 0.501400 124706280 None 0.1383 0.95 -12.41
MFCB MFC Bancorp Ltd 4.770000 12534801 None 0.2809 5.97 1.23
GSL Global Ship Lease Inc 0.850010 55015690 None 0.1798 1.27 -5.84
ANW Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc 1.010000 40640422 3.0278 0.0696 1.84 -19.72
MN Manning & Napier Inc 2.060000 15333041 15.8462 0.1975 5.03 5.30
CGA China Green Agriculture Inc 0.639700 38896945 1.1869 0.0634 3.88 3.57
CBK Christopher & Banks Corp 0.561500 38422693 None 0.5362 0.60 1.06
PKD Parker Drilling Co 2.190000 9317754 None 0.0846 12.28 -49.84
RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc 0.425000 38507498 None 0.3485 0.93 -3.97
JONE Jones Energy Inc 2.980000 5143237 None 0.0379 28.79 -161.50

Let’s look at a few companies…

Lets look at a couple of the companies on this list to get a better understanding of them.

FPH:NYS Five Point Holdings
Five Point Holdings has 200 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Five Point Holdings LLC is an owner and developer of mixed-use, master-planned communities in coastal California. The house sales generates maximum revenue for the company.

HOV:NYS Hovnanian Enterprises
Hovnanian Enterprises has 1905 employees and is headquartered in United States.
Hovnanian Enterprises Inc is an American construction company. It designs, constructs, markets and sells single-family detached homes, attached townhomes and condominiums, urban infill and active lifestyle homes in planned residential developments.

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